A battered and abandoned puppy that is scheduled for death begs for forgiveness and finds hope in a kind woman’s heart.

Just two days before Christmas, Rudy was saved. He was sick, scared, mistreated, and ignored. In addition, Rudy’s mental health was failing, and there was little possibility he would recover.

Since they realized they could not afford to treat Rudy, the shelter staff took the heartbreaking decision to put him on the list for euthanasia. A kind woman showed up at the shelter, and that was when Rudy’s luck changed. She volunteered to be Rudy’s foster mother right away because he looked so miserable in his kennel.

Even though she was able to get him taken off the kill list, he still had difficulty surviving. Rudy’s life for the next few months consisted of grueling veterinary visits and an abundance of affection and attention from his foster parents.

When he gained the confidence to stand by himself, he started exploring the backyard and mingling with his numerous foster siblings! His hip fracture prevented him from playing.

Through social media posts, the shelter had at this point raised $6,300 toward Rudy’s hip replacement surgery. People were moved by Rudy’s problems, and the money was quickly distributed!

Following a successful hip replacement, Rudy is now an active and enjoyable dog. He will spend the rest of his life with his adorable foster mother and his canine siblings.

We send our best wishes for happiness to this brave survivor! Watch Rudy’s amazing journey in the video below as he overcomes death and finds his true calling in life!

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