A courageous dog bites a deadly snake to save its owner, and then it leaves the stage of life grinning naively.

Several tales of dogs’ love and sacrifice for their owners have attracted attention from all across the world. And another tale of that incredible love has lately sent hundreds of people to tears.

The narrative was shared on the personal Facebook page of Moana’s creator, Jeco Macs. He heard Moana barking in the backyard as he was watching TV, and he saw the dog bring a cobra down the steps and bite it.

Macs quickly killed the snake, relieved that Moana’s actions had saved the entire family. He was originally ignorant that the dog had been bitten by a snake, and he brags on social media about Moana’s accomplishments.

“Moana, you are cherished.” You really are a hero! It is your responsibility to protect your family. Treat your dogs with respect; they are highly intelligent and will risk their lives to save you. since you have the greatest value in their existence.

In the previous image, Moana is seen holding a dead snake and smiling. But shortly later, this dog tragically passed away. The puppy’s happiness soon gave way to sadness. Moana was murdered by the cobra before her owner’s family could get her to the vet.

This article immediately piqued the curiosity of the online community. To date, it has garnered more than 46,000 shares, 48,000 likes, and 18,000 comments, many of which offer their condolences and appreciation for the brave little dog.

Fighting off the dangerous snake and preventing the cobra from entering the house, where it could have bitten any family member at any time, is how the dog lost its life. The second snake was killed in the battle, but the dog was unable to escape the poison the snake was injecting, which had a serious negative impact on the dog’s health.

The owner is videotaping his tiny puppy as he joyfully wags his tail and closes his eyes, but it is sad to watch.

When Moana was just a year old, the courageous little Shi Tzu-Chihuahua mix gave her life to save her owner.

Despite the fact that they are not related and do not speak the same language, they have the same level of attachment as a family. The love that people have for this faithful animal uplifts their spirits and makes them understand that those who take care of them are members of their own family.

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