A dog, entangled in a soccer net, is so thrilled to be liberated that he instantly rolls onto his back, inviting a belly rub with sheer joy and gratitude.

Animal Help Unlimited received information about a stray dog who had unfortunately become entangled in a soccer net and needed assistance.

It was extremely hot, and the dog had no shade or water, and it was unclear how long he had been stuck. So, the rescuers got to work.

As soon as they approached, they noticed the dog was a sweetheart. When they cut him free, he laid down on his back and wagged his tail as if he wanted a belly rub! Animal Aid fed the adorable dog.

After allowing him some time to recover and relax, they treated him for mange. Today, he’s back to being the healthy and friendly dog he used to be! Don’t let a situation become a disaster – donate today.

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