A dog that was saved from a terrible condition and was almost dead, bound inside a plastic bag, is given a second chance at life.

A dog was discovered in Transylvania, Romania, in July, chained in a plastic garbage bag.

Upon unsnapping it, they discovered that she had a shattered leg and that maggots had begun to consume her flesh. The puppy was badly malnourished, dehydrated, and suffered from a significant brain injury.

Helen Taylor told Bored Panda, “The dog is suspected of having been viciously beaten in order to end her life.”

For emergency medical attention, the dog was brought to Transylvania Animal Care.

Doctors removed the dog-eating maggots after treating the swelling in her brain. Honoring her will to live, they gave the dog the name “Anora,” which translates to “bright.”

Eventually, she was brought to England and taken in by the devoted family of Helen Taylor. Anora recently had leg surgery, and she is recovering nicely.

She went from being a helpless puppy on the verge of death to a healthy canine with devoted owners who will soon be able to go on walks.

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