A dolphin is waiting impatiently for his Golden Retriever buddy to give him a kiss, and their cute picture goes popular on the internet.

Seeing strange animal friendships blossom is always uplifting. Even though animals originate from completely varied backgrounds, friendships between them can last a lifetime.

This is the case with Gunner and Delta, whose relationship has warmed people’s hearts all across the internet.

Dolphin rescue and rehabilitation are provided at the Dolphin Research Center, a marine life sanctuary located in Florida. Over the years, Delta, one of their prisoners, has forged a special bond with a dog by the name of Gunner.

The two animals had been best friends since Gunner was an 8-week-old puppy and Delta was 7 years old, according to the organization.

Despite being seven and ten years old, respectively, Gunner and Delta are still going strong and recently got back together on the sanctuary’s lifestream.

Their story went viral after the well-known WeRateDogs account posted it on Twitter.

The adorable animal pair won hearts and won hearts of their own. They seem to recognize and give each other a kind greeting whenever they are together.

According to the facility, they are pet-friendly, and staff members frequently bring their dogs to visit.

What a wonderful friendship! We wish these two many more years of wonderful friendship. Please tell this beautiful story!

Information has been provided to us verifying the authenticity of the picture below. Here are Delta, Gunner’s water companion. Since Gunner was a puppy, Delta and him have been great buddies. Delta resides at a coastal sanctuary in the Florida Keys. 13/10 for the two https://t.co/doLa57OnxI pic.twitter.com/2YfnYS2Xa8

— WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) June 18, 2020

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