A family welcomes a disabled and blind dog, and they get an abundance of love in return.

Oscar, a ginger cat, was devastated to learn of the unexpected death of Dexter, his lifelong best buddy! He simply had no idea how to fill the void left by Dexter’s passing!

The family realized that since Oscar was becoming worse every day, they needed to take action to improve his life. Oscar’s new closest friend will be a blind pit bull puppy that the family decided to adopt.

Jude, the juvenile bone disease-afflicted pit bull, astonished the entire family with his immense zest for life. It was clear that Jude would become Oscar’s new best buddy and be able to help him get over his loss.

Jude was able to give Oscar a tender, loving embrace, thank goodness. Given that they currently do nearly everything together, it is evident that the two creatures are enjoying a wonderful life together. How wonderful! Take a look at the video below.

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