A heartbreaking behind-the-scenes glimpse at the bait dog rescue is a moving tale that makes one cry.

It is common for us to come across bait dogs that have been adopted or saved. These are a few of my favorite tales to narrate and distribute. That being said, I think this video is crucial since it shows how these dogs are found.

By sharing this film, we can raise awareness of the terrible life these dogs were leading before they were rescued and the reasons it is so important that we push for more stringent laws against dog fighting globally.

Officers from the Michigan Humane Society are joined by Tom McPhee, Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) and Producer & Director of the American Strays series, when they come across recently adopted pups being utilized as “bait” for fighting dogs. Watch their cameras as they record the appalling conditions these dogs are made to endure.

Broken bones, untreated wounds, knotted lips, maggots, and malnourishment are common ailments among bait dogs.

According to Jenny Jackson, an officer with the Michigan Humane Society, “we respond to dog fights all year long.”

She continues, “You know, the street fighters are young people.” “They are just little kids fighting dogs, whatever canines they can get,” the person said, “and they are getting pit bulls and tying them up in abandoned yards and fighting them in parks.” Additionally, it is unlikely that they will obtain enough food, drink, and shelter in addition to proper medical care. They will frequently just be forgotten.

Thankfully, The Michigan Humane Society and WA2S were there to assist these two pit bulls. But there are thousands of other dogs out there that require rescuing as well.

There is graphic material in this video. However, we guarantee that the tale will finish happily.

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