A heartwarming story of a youngster who is abandoned by his parents and finds love and comfort in the arms of a devoted dog is told.

Rommel Quemenales, an 11-year-old Filipino boy from Quezon City, has been living apart from his parents since they divorced when he was a small child.

Despite having an older sister who lives in a different city, she was forced to live on the streets since she completed the second grade since she lacked the funds to visit there.

Rommel says the youngster who was left behind by his family had to leave school early, but he always meant to return to school.

This young child has a strong relationship with his dog, and since his tale went viral on social media, pictures of the two have been making the rounds of the internet and winning over thousands of hearts worldwide.

After seeing the youngster and his dog on the streets, Maria Kabs posted pictures of them to Facebook. The woman felt compelled to snap a picture of the two wonderful friends because she was so moved.

The 2018 tale went viral because to the image of Rommel dozing off with his dog cradled in his arms. amid difficulties.

Badgi, a homeless dog that lived on the streets alone, is said to have helped Rommel find serenity; the two have since become close friends and serve as each other’s source of inspiration to keep fighting for their lives.

Rommel shared his daily food requests with his closest friend, Badgi, in exchange for Badgi always looking after his pal from other impoverished children.

Every night, the two pals slept close to one another in an effort to unwind after their exhausting days.

Both of them found hope in the tragic circumstances of these little people who met and brightened one other’s lives.

Along with Badgi, it appears that Rommel is unafraid of being alone and bullied. For his part, the puppy did not seem to mind if his pal was a wealthy kid or a hobo; love was enough for him.

According to Yan.vn, little Rommel is in school and building a better future with his wonderful dog buddy because of the hard work of many people and Maria’s widely shared post on her history with Badgi.

Despite everything that has happened in his little life, this young child is still full of love, dreams, and happiness because of the strong link he has with his dog.

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