A homeless man stood outside Walmart, begging for assistance for his dog, and a caring woman rushed to his aid.

“The sign broke her heart. Patrick, a homeless man, stood there, begging for aid. He did not beg for food or money for himself. He was begging someone to aid his best pal. When this man required assistance, an angel appeared.

Many homeless people own animals, despite public condemnation. This is not a debate about it. A quarrel should only arise when a homeless person endangers their pet; most of the time, they do not. They do without so that their pet can have a consistent feed, keep warm, and have adequate housing.

Wilma Frice of Houston, Texas, noticed a person standing outside of Walmart with a sign that read, “Dog in pound, need help.”

Her heart was broken by the sign. Patrick, a homeless man, arrived alone and requested assistance. He was not asking for food or money for himself. He was searching for assistance for his best friend, Franklin, who was in the pound because he could not afford the $120 to get him released.

“He appeared like a kind, compassionate soul who just happened to have had a difficult past,” Frice told People.com. He had a distraught look in his eyes, like a big boy who had recently lost his dog.”

Patrick wrote the following on Facebook after getting the money from Wilma. According to her post:

“I am homeless, so I am shocked. He is a wonderful man, and Franklin is a wonderful dog. I did this because I would want someone to do it for me. I have worked with homeless animals all my life and dedicated my life to them. We all could be gone in the blink of an eye, and you never know what someone likes or what is going on in their situation. So I am not a very judgmental person, and I never judge someone based on the cover of their book because you never know what someone is going through until you have walked in their shoes. I know how hard I work every day to make sure the animals have everything they need and will never end up on the street again while they wait for their forever home, and I have been blessed in my life with unconditional love for all homeless animals.”

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