A man discovers a helpless dog with his tongue frozen and stuck in the sewer, demonstrating compassion and saving a life in dire circumstances.

In the cold, an ill dog’s tongue became caught on a manhole cover.

When a Good Samaritan arrived to assist with the solution, the crying dog was urgently trying to free its own frozen tongue.

When a passerby spotted the sad animal’s situation, he hurried over and poured a bottle of water down his mouth, hoping to raise his temperature and free him.

The man is seen steadily pouring the liquid while the dog wiggles around.

The dog was eventually liberated and was delighted to approach the man for a rubbing following his ordeal.

It is unclear whether the dog was owned or stray, and whether it received veterinary attention.

On Thursday, the clip was shot in Vladivostok, Russia.

This nice Samaritan used warm water to help the dog escape after his tongue became stuck in a frozen well.

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