A mother dog gave birth to 19 puppies, and the owner was hesitant to part with all of them, resulting in one big happy family!

What does it feel like to experience raising nineteen puppies? This is a story about a mother dog owner who was reluctant to give away the puppies and decided to keep them. Now, he has a lively home!

When all 19 puppies run out of the house to play, does it feel like chaos? Especially with such big puppies that are curious about everything, people can’t help but find them cute. They love to run amok.

Since there are so many dogs in the family, the volunteers who came to take photos interviewed the dog owner to find out how many puppies in total have been raised.

The dog owner said that there are 19 puppies, plus the mother, makes 20 dogs. Since the puppies turned out to be very cute and they all look alike, the dog owner was reluctant to give them away and decided to raise them all.

The owner loves these puppies very much and takes them to the mountains every day, and the puppies also like to follow the owner while they play.

When the owner runs out of the house, nineteen puppies are chasing behind. When you witness such a sight, the puppies look like soldiers following a general.

Upon arriving at the mountain, the puppies would gather around the owner, smelling the mushrooms they had just stepped on.

Of course, the photo of the puppies having their meal is such a spectacular sight. Nineteen puppies orderly lined up to eat in a row is a very heartwarming sight.

It touches my heart knowing these puppies met such a good owner. With this, it’s time to end this article. I believe that there are so many people around the world who love dogs. After all, they are a man’s best friend!

Below is a photo of the video with the owner and the 19 puppies. Click on the link under the photo to watch it on the website.

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