A pregnant dog that was left at a dump overcomes all obstacles in order to give birth to her puppies, displaying incredible tenacity and willpower.

Carmi was thrown into the chemical lagoon at the dumpsite like trash. She sustains serious burns and bruises from the poisons in the trash.

She was abandoned there by callous humans, where she got food and sleep.

Her health is vital because she is ready to give birth and is also pregnant, which is why we came to help. She looks at me and wags her tail incessantly, as if to plead, “Please help my kids, please.”

The staff took Carmi to the vet right away. blood test completed; results indicate severe blood infection-related anemia, low rbc, and high wbc. An elevated BUN level suggests kidney disease, potentially brought on by chemical exposure. Her distemper test came out negative.

A miracle transpired ten days later! Despite all of Carmi’s hardships, she gave birth to four puppies that are healthy. All four of Carmi’s puppies have found new homes and are in good health.

Carmi is growing into a gorgeous young woman, putting on weight, and growing hair. Growing up alone and neglected, Carmi had experienced a great deal of grief and pain. She was left on the streets, where she had to fend for herself in unfavorable circumstances.

Carmi is now full of love, care, and many possibilities for happiness. She wags her tail happily, taking in all the love that is directed at her.

She has discovered both her eternal happiness and her lifelong home. Her happiness serves as a reminder that every animal deserves to be loved and cared for, and she most definitely deserves a second chance at life.

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