A puppy, who was rescued after suffering severe injuries to the bone due to a hairband tied tightly around her muzzle, has shown an amazing recovery and strength.

The puppy was found with a hairband tied so tightly over her muzzle that it was deeply embedded, reaching down to the bone, causing her small face to swell significantly.

The hairband was “completely entrenched, it went down to the bone,” causing significant swelling and tripling the size of her little face.

Cincinnati Animal CARE in the United States provided her with immediate care, removing the hairband and stitching up the large wound.

The shelter staff named the puppy Tiffany, after their favorite pop artist from the eighties.

It is believed that the hairband was used to prevent the young puppy from barking, similar to the use of zip ties.

The extent of the abuse was revealed through the animal center’s horrifying Facebook posts.

Tiffany bravely endured her emergency care, according to the rescue team, and spent the night with a member of the medical staff.

According to a recent update, Tiffany is currently recovering well, eating and drinking properly, and is being looked after by the kind-hearted person who found her.

Tiffany’s swelling has significantly reduced, and her face, now stitched up, is healing.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is looking for information about Tiffany and the person who abused her, and PETA has even offered a reward for anyone who can help lead to an arrest.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the Hamilton County Dog Wardens at 513-541-7387.

In Tiffany’s latest update, “Yesterday, our lovely girl visited us at the shelter! Her stitches look great, she’s recovering beautifully, and she’s doing so well in her foster home with the kind people who brought her to us!” said Cincinnati Animal CARE on their Facebook page.


It’s remarkable how resilient animals are – this female is a happy, healthy, flourishing puppy!

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