A scrawny dog could only find the courage to lean against the wall and wait for the scraps from cruel people.

Introducing Baikal! My eyes filled with tears, and my heart wrenched at the sight of his picture.

Baikal was waiting for grocery store leftovers while tucked up behind a wall. It is a dry skeleton; nothing can contradict it. The worst animal on earth is a human. They ate well, and a starving, chilly dog pleaded for their help. They gave it no mind. He moved off to look for another chance.

Baikal was hopeless and dejected. sick and profoundly incapacitated. It had demodicosis all over its body. After offering Baikal comfort, a generous volunteer from the nonprofit Russian organization Angel Sobaki Help took him to the veterinarian. She chatted with this cute boy all the time in the car.

discharge and inflammation in the eyes The ears are leaking an awful stench. I had never before seen claws so long. The vets wanted to help him forget everything he had gone through because of how kind he was. The following day, they brought Baikal for an ultrasound, and his intestines started to inflame. Probably after going several days without eating. With the nutrients, Baikal is already feeling better.

After just nine days, Baikal is up and about, friendly toward everyone, incredibly handsome, and trustworthy. She has a sheepdog-like appearance. His weight is thirty-one kg.

About two months later, Baikal developed into a very attractive man with a lovely nose. What a remarkable change. He is just an energetic dog who is ecstatic about his amazing days.

He wants a place to call home! Please, might someone offer him the chance to be a good son?

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