A sick dog that is cruelly thrown into a landfill, buried among trash, and allowed to suffer while it awaits a terrible end is considered “useless.”

Kratos, an 8-year-old Kangal Shepherd, was discovered in a dire state of malnutrition at a desolate landfill in Corum, Turkey. His emaciated body, coupled with the countless oozing wounds that covered him, had left him completely bald.

It was on a cold day that volunteers from the organization “Rescuers Without Borders” stumbled upon Kratos, lying in a muddy pit within the toxic landfill. Their hearts sank at the sight of his desolate expression, as it was evident that he had once known the love of a home before being discarded in this forsaken place.

Sadly, Kratos’ story is not an isolated incident in Turkey. Over the past two months, animal activists have rescued more than 800 dogs abandoned in various landfills. Tragically, some of these dogs didn’t survive long enough to receive the help they desperately needed. It is believed that owners often abandon their dogs when they become old, sick, or are no longer deemed useful for their intended purposes.

The organization has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of these “landfill” dogs. Despite their harrowing circumstances, these resilient canines are always eager to please and show affection to humans.

However, the campaign to rescue and rehabilitate these landfill pups has come to a halt due to the high costs involved. Each rescue operation requires between $800 and $2,000, making it a challenging endeavor to continue the much-needed work.

Fortunately, Kratos is making gradual progress in his recovery, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the rescuers. While his immune system has been compromised, his fur has started to regrow, offering a glimmer of hope. In approximately two months, he is expected to be fully healed and ready to find his forever home. Get well soon, dear Kratos!

Watch the heartwarming rescue of Kratos and witness the plight of other abandoned landfill dogs in the accompanying video.

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