A small puppy taken in from a building site grows into a very attractive adult.

This is the tale of a 2-pound puppy Pittie that was left behind at a building site. Consequently, the dog was in severe condition, so Love Leo Rescue was called in to save it! Thank goodness, they took him in and treated him like royalty. It was clear then that Carl the dog was a people-person.

After a few days in the shelter, the dog started feeling better, which was unexpected but very fortunate!

The fact that he was well enough to go to a foster family was the sweetest thing! And to make his day even better, he got to play with a lot of foster siblings.

He was taken in by a caring woman when the time came for him to find a forever home. Every day when he walks to work with his mother, his life becomes increasingly significant. Plus, he is great at meeting new friends! What a charming conclusion!

View the video below.


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