A small puppy that was left alone in a parking lot lets out a loud cry when it is saved.

A man who saw a rickshaw driver yanking his dog by the neck called a local shelter in a little Chinese village. He was furious at the other driver’s behavior. The injured dog was thrown outside into the cold after becoming immobile and crawling into the entry to warm up.

The rescue crew arrived at the dog’s aid promptly, and as they did so, they witnessed a horrifying sight in which a cruel man was pulling on the dog’s neck.

They went there in a hurry to save the little dog. To protect the dog, the rescue crew placed him in a sack. They then had to spend about thirty bucks to purchase the puppy. The dog was really thin, extremely hungry, and most likely would not get food from his owner.

They later brought the dog to a clinic to monitor his condition and provide the tiny creature with the best care possible.

Now that he is secure, he will grow up surrounded by kind people who will provide him the love and care that he never had.

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