A stray dog that is terrified of people finds the strength to approach one man and try to ease his pain.

Medical problems that could be fatal must be handled by strays alone. Rescuers of animals will do everything to assist. After learning about him, they made a concerted effort to locate a stray dog with a large tumor. After a difficult effort, they were eventually notified that he was passing via a neighboring pagoda.

They were stunned by the size of the mass on his shoulder when they got there. Even though the dog was in excruciating pain, he kept wiping it away. The fact that he had been suffering on his own for such a long time devastated the rescuers. They needed to get him to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

It was discovered that he had a tumor the size of a tennis ball, so his owner brought him to Emergency Vet Partner. The dog’s survival surprised the veterinarian. As the doctor and his team got closer, they were attacked by a horrible stench coming from the tumor and surrounding tissues. It was bloody and covered in pus. He was in urgent need of surgery!

After the tumor was removed, it seemed as though I was looking at a different dog. He continued to require constant IV antibiotics and painkillers. Following his recovery, the rescue group started looking for foster homes that could provide medical treatment for him.

After being left for dead by the side of the road, the stray dog made a miraculous recovery and was prepared to head to his new home ahead of schedule. He is greatly adored by his medical foster mother. She makes sure he takes all of his meds and shows up for all of his veterinarian appointments. Although he is still taking painkillers, he is progressing really well.

The cheerful ending in the video below will win you over! Make sure to watch this video through to the end!

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