A stray husky that looked to be close to death was saved by a guy, who with his care made her into the most exquisite and lovely creature.

While returning from work in Denpasar, Bali, Rico Soegiarto came into a half-buried, severely malnourished Siberian Husky in the road. The dog’s body was covered in wounds, making breed identification challenging. Rico was compelled to save her after realizing how dire things were for her.

Rico, who already had four rescue dogs at home, was smitten with this youngster the moment he laid eyes on her. Hope got her moniker from her bright blue eyes, which, in spite of her illness, gleamed with hope.

Hope was found by Rico, who took her home and started her recovery. Rico fed her a lot of food to put on weight and gave her a lot of medication baths to help her fur grow back. Rico performed a fantastic job recovering Hope’s health.

With time, Hope’s distinctiveness increased and her self-assurance steadily increased. Her hair was growing back, and she looked completely different.

A year later, Hope’s metamorphosis was finished, and she is now a stunning, disease-free Husky. Rico took Hope in as a pet in addition to saving and transforming her.

With Rico and his family, Hope is currently enjoying a wonderful life in Bali and her “second chance” at life!

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