A stray puppy is too weak to stand after becoming ill and experiencing excruciating pain from a severe infestation of thousands of ticks.

When a dog was brought into the isolated animal shelter in Donna, Texas on Tuesday, even the most unyielding rescuers were shocked—the puppy was covered in ticks.

The puppy was struggling to survive on the streets of Texas. She was nearly dead from the abject neglect she had endured. After she wandered into a stranger’s yard, they phoned Dallas Dog Rescue. Rehabilitation. Reform to get help! Bloodsucking ticks crawled all over her, head to toe. Her body was covered in so many ticks that it was difficult to see her. She has her paws, back, breast, and ears included.

She was so anemic that she could hardly stand. They brought her to the hospital, where she received a blood transfusion and life-saving care.

“This lovely stray entered a stranger’s yard and requested help!” Allen, Texas’s Dallas DogRRR-Rescue.Rehab.Reform made the announcement on Facebook.

“This is her lucky day…”

Amora, the dog, was taken to the rescue’s affiliated veterinarian. The team will collaborate with her to stabilize her condition before transporting her to Dallas, as she has been classified as critical. Her outlook is not clear.

NOT FOR EVERY AUDIENCE: This graphic video might not be suitable for all viewers.

The following morning came the wonderful news! A ground source reports, “Mi Amor survived the night.” It is only now that they are getting close to the hospitalized patients. They will soon start feeding her. There are now more ticks in the area. They are okay with me stopping by to see how she is doing and to help with her cleaning, but I will hold off until the office is ready. To determine whether she needs additional transfusions, they will perform a second CBC this morning. If she needs to be sent to another facility for ongoing care or transfusions, I have asked that they let us know as soon as possible. On the same day, the remaining ticks were removed.

After a few days, Amora was prepared to foster. volunteer for Dallas Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation. She was chosen for adoption by Reform shelter.

According to Amora’s foster mother, “When I initially got her, she was frightened of everything.” We really tried for more than 20 minutes to get her to get out of the car and into mine, but it was unsuccessful. After all, we brought Amora home, and although I was not going to introduce her to my dogs straight immediately, they were not going to give up on attempting to get to know her.

We sat on the floor together, me comforting her as she shook and growled at the newcomers. In the end, she concluded that these other things were fine, and an hour or so later, she made the decision to follow their lead. We have not had any accidents inside because to my German Shepherd, Ava, who quickly became her greatest friend.

She still runs to the beds in the “dog room” or the bathroom mat when she is scared, but she is becoming more trustworthy and is able to move around the house by herself. We are trying to acclimate her to taking baths, being lifted up, wearing a harness, and driving. The presence of her owner or another dog gives her more confidence. She yearned for constant companionship.

After a year with her foster mother, Amora finally found her forever home. She works with her father every day and is close pals with her brother!

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