A street dog with an injured eye feels care and sympathy for the first time, as well as the warmth of love.

Animal Help Unlimited in India immediately sent rescuers to the scene after learning of an injured street critter that needed help.

Penny, an insufficient pet dog, was found by the rescuers after she was engaged in a car accident. A pet’s life on the streets can be challenging, particularly in a place like India where the number of stray animals has skyrocketed.

India is home to over 30 million street dogs (and also has the greatest rate of human fatalities from rabies worldwide), according to the Humane Culture.

Being hurt as a stray could cause agonizing agony or perhaps death because there are so many dogs fighting for food, space, and possibly lives. That is probably what would have happened to Dime in the absence of Animal Aid Unlimited’s intervention.

Rescuers noticed Dime’s injured eye right away when they found her.

After rushing her to their hospital, they examined her and found that the vehicle accident had not damaged the rest of her face. Her eye, however, would need to be removed because it was irreparable.

Dime appeared to be conscious of her future even if she was diverting her sight. After just one day in the rescue hospital, Penny started to unwind and trust on the people around her. Her veil was being torn apart!

Penny recovered from surgical therapy and blossomed into a handsome, active pet. In a concise statement, the savior stated, “Love is seen with the heart, not the sight.” Through surgery, Penny was able to avoid excruciating discomfort. Though her vision is blurry, love is evident in her heart.

Now, Dime is a vibrant, energetic dog with lots of love to give! She will never have to live on the streets again because of the amazing transformation that has taken place in her entire life.

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