A tiny puppy and a pigeon that cannot fly form a great friendship.

Lundy, the special needs puppy, was obviously in great need of a friend from the beginning. And he found one in the most unlikely place.

Due to a handicap that prohibited him from walking normally from birth, Lundy was entrusted to The Mia Foundation in New York, which specializes in treating animals with impairments. It was via Herman, a pigeon that understands what it is like to be unique, that Lundy first met Herman.

It seems that Lundy and Herman have a lot in common. Like the puppy, the pigeon could not fly and was brought to The Mia Foundation last year due to an illness or injury. Both of them have enormous hearts.

The caregivers at the Mia Foundation just introduced Herman and Lundy and put them on the same comfortable bed. That might have appeared like a strange combination, but Herman and Lundy were clearly not of that opinion.

Herman and Lundy found a new friend in one another by looking more closely.

The dog and pigeon were seen snuggling up to one another in the following scene, relishing in their warm togetherness.

Herman, the senior of the two, seems to know just what Lundy needs.

Even though The Mia Foundation was the result of their individual experiences, their developing love is the perfect happy ending to everything they have gone through.

Herman and Lundy, two special needs animals, will undoubtedly have more challenges in life than other animals, but because of the love they receive from their caregivers and from one another, they will never have to face those challenges alone.

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