A woman takes this endearing photo: a police officer and a service dog share an inspirational bond, captured in powerful self-portraits.

Anyone who owns a dog will appreciate the temptation of wanting to take cute photos of your pooch whenever you feel like it. Cute dog pics are the perfect thing to post on social media, and get lots of attention from your family and friends.

Credits: Gina Anzaldu

A Texas police officer along with his service dog have gone viral, after a woman took a photo of them taking selfies together. Officer Andre Cloyd and his service dog Ziggi were patrolling at Love Field Airport when a woman noticed them resting and taking photos.

Credits: Gina Anzald

Credits: Gina Anzald

Gina Anzaldua was so delighted with the images that she had captured, that she decided to upload them to a popular Facebook group. She mentioned that she was in awe at how cute the whole thing was, and told people online that the officer even made the effort to show Ziggi the photos.

Almost immediately, Facebook users from around the world started flooding the comments section with love and admiration. Lots of people wanted to see the photos that the officer had taken, and it wasn’t long before Officer Cloyd became aware of what was happening on Facebook.

Because of the overwhelmingly positive response of people online, Andre responded by sharing the selfies that everyone had been so desperate to see. Talking about the photos, Andre said:

“They captured what’s just everyday life for us. We weren’t doing anything special. We take photos together, we watch movies together, we go to the gym together.”

He also spoke about how much he loves being a part of the K-9 unit of the Dallas police force, saying:

“To get paid to do something you’ve loved since the age of four, it’s a privilege, definitely. Zigi’s the star, but even more so, we’re just a small piece of a unit, a department and a law enforcement community that does everything we can to ensure the safety of the passengers.”

Credits: Andre Cloyd

This story just goes to show the amazing relationship police officers develop with their canine partners, and we’re so fortunate to have Zigi and Andre out there protecting us.

Credits: Andre Cloyd

It also reminds us that police officers are human beings like the rest of us, and are there trying to do their best to keep people safe and adhering to the law. In difficult times where mistrust in the police is so high, we would do well to remember that they’re just people trying to do their jobs.

And when we see how affectionate Officer Andre and Zigi are when they’re together, it’s a story that certainly warms our hearts. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for looking out for us!

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