After being apart for months, a German Shepherd cries out and falls into his owner’s arms.

There’s a reason why we love dogs. Well, tons of reasons, really. But one of the biggest reasons is because they’re so loving and loyal.

So when a German Shepherd reunited with her owner after months apart, we just knew that her reaction was going to be totally adorable.

The sweet animal was absolutely overjoyed to see her owner again, and she goes mad with happiness! The heartwarming was captured on camera and shared online for us all to see, and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve seen in a while!

The video was shared onto YouTube by Rumble Viral with the caption, “After a few months apart, Freya the German Shepherd is finally reunited with her owner in this heartwarming clip… just listen to those cries of happiness!” and since being posted has received over 14.7 million views, as well as thousands of likes and comments.

The adorable moment begins with Freya’s mom opening the door of her house to let Freya outside. Unbeknownst to the German Shepherd, her human dad is hiding just around the corner from her!

As Freya greets her mom with her usual affection, she hears her dad calling her name from behind her – and that’s when she totally loses it.

As her dad crouches down to greet her, Freya is so overjoyed that she simply cannot sit still. She spins round in excited circles and whines as her dad pets her, and her tail is wagging nonstop! After so long of not seeing her owner, she’s simply beside herself with happiness that he has returned at long last.

Finally, Freya’s extreme happiness seems to drive her to exhaustion, and she collapses in between the legs of her owner. She lies on her back and is given her first belly rub in probably a long time from her dad. She honestly looks like the happiest dog in the world.

This sweet video just goes to show how special we owners are to our dogs.

Despite the time that they had been apart, Freya never forgot about her owner, and you can see for yourself just how overjoyed she was to be reunited.

People took to the comments to share their love for the video, with one person saying:

“If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will.”

Another joked:

“My dog is like this if I come back from a 20 minute trip from the store.”

A final person added:

“I swear someone put all the love in the world inside a dog, why they like humans though is beyond me.”

It’s the sweetest video you ever did see and you can watch it below.

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