After being left in a barren area and shackled, a mother dog and her puppies are found and given a brand-new beginning full of love and attention.

It is a miracle the dog and her puppy survived after being cruelly tied in a bag and abandoned on a far dirt road. But her life was spared because of a good individual who happened to stumble across her. A concerned citizen alerted Josiane Almeida, a Lagoa da Plata, Brazil-based animal rescuer, about a distressed dog family.

She and her spouse stopped on a country road right away, and they started filming as they got closer.

Josiane was still taken aback by what she seen, despite having worked with other animals rescued from harsh situations.

Almeida posted on social media, calling the scenes of assault “some of the worst I have ever witnessed.” “A ill mother was tossed into the middle of nowhere with her puppy, tied in a bag. They have been present for some time.

The mother dog growled softly when Josien walked up to it, obviously startled by her situation. It seemed like a puppy escaped the sack and took up position next to her. However, their mother and three other puppies were confined within the sack.

But they are about to be released.

But their release is almost imminent. Josiane saw that the puppy was weak and hungry, and that the mother was having issues. She brought the family home so they could relax, eat, and drink water. Later, she visited the vet, who informed her that although the mother had cancer, all of the puppies were healthy.

Friends and supporters came out to Josiane after she posted a request for assistance on social media to pay for her chemotherapy. Josiane is currently taking care of the mother dog and providing care for her and her family. The puppy will be adopted when they are ready.

Josiane was happy that she could assist the dog. “This family was being choked by a thrown sack, but thank God, we were able to save them from their agony! They had an amazing day today spent with me!Written by Josiane Almeida. “Grateful to God that I have this chance.”

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