After being rescued from a life of baiting, two canines are lovingly and carefully rebuilding their lives.

A Philadelphia woman was horrified to find two terribly abused bait dogs—clearly victims of dog fighting—sitting on her porch last week. They had fractured bones, were hungry, and were bleeding. Before animal control could arrive, Tara Whitaker, the woman, took care of them for three hours. After being adopted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the dogs may have experienced love and medical attention for the first time in their life there.

Later, Tara got in touch with the rescue organization to thank them for taking care of the dogs. She talked about how thirsty and hungry they were, with Sweet Pea, the female, eating more than Dizzy, the male, because Dizzy was in too much discomfort. Dizzy’s legs were bent and crooked, as if he would spent his entire existence in a cage. He was swinging back and forth, terrified and in pain, and he let himself go as animal control removed the leash.

Before animal control could arrive, Tara had attempted to locate a rescue or a home for the dogs. When no one could be found, she assured the dogs that she would locate a suitable rescue to save them. She gave thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for intervening on their behalf and preventing their euthanasia as they awaited rescue.

On their Facebook page, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted the story along with an expression of regret and disgust at the dogs’ state. Dizzy’s body was covered with bite marks, and Sweet Pea’s face was bloated. It made sense that Dizzy was afraid of people, given the cruelty and treachery they had experienced at the hands of dog fighters.

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