After being saved from the river, a paralyzed and severely wounded dog shed tears of gratitude, expressing deep appreciation for the assistance received.

The tale of Broddick was both heart-wrenching and deeply moving. Some dogs pursued the unfortunate dog, and in his attempt to escape, he slipped into a river and got trapped.

He had numerous bruises and swellings on his neck, head, ears, and cheeks. His left eye was injured and could only partially close. His desperate state at that moment was beyond words.

A kind-hearted Samaritan arrived around six in the morning and took him to the emergency vet. Brodick was suffering greatly from herniated discs, so the doctor began treating him for spinal block.

Brodick was an intelligent and understanding dog, but he had been dealt a tough hand in life. Surely, his days of suffering would soon end.

His scratches and bites had almost completely healed, and his skin had become smooth. He was removed from the wing and guided with a support belt. He was eating well, but his weight had decreased.

Brodick was able to breathe fresh air when significant changes were made to his wheelchair. The unfortunate news was that the lining was flowering and the parallel gland may have decayed.

Brodick’s basic health remained stable; he was eating, drinking, and defecating mostly normally. Violent seizures occurred throughout the night. The cause was necrosis, which was spreading rapidly. Despite regular treatment with chymotrypsin, it could spread throughout the body.

Brodick also had a large tumor in his spine that had developed into soft tissue; sadly, this tumor was malignant. According to blood tests, sepsis had started. Stronger pain medications only worked for a few hours.

After several days of consideration, the vets decided to let Brodick go where he was sure there would be no more pain.

“Soft clouds to you in paradise, our sweet Brodick.”

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