After her son’s rescue, she found comfort and left this world in peace.

Someone called Viktor Larkhill and his rescue squad to help a sick puppy.

They learned that his mother had followed him but was still with him. They found her snuggled up on an old sofa in a nearby abandoned house when they started looking for her.

She was so sick that she was immobile when rescuers arrived. She had a horrible skin ailment that left her bleeding and covered in scabs; it also completely removed her fur.

She had given up and was really on the edge of death. Satisfied that her kid was safe, she lay down to die. Luckily, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

She and her son were taken to the hospital by rescue personnel, where Helen and Oscar were given names.

Following months of particular care and attention, Helen and Oscar appeared brand new. Their wounds healed fully, and their fur grew back.

Helen is utterly pampered and adored after being adopted by a loving family. Oscar was taken in as well.

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