After suffering for days, he was still scared and alone, hanging on to the slim possibility of a bright moment.

Isumu was a dog who had never known affection. He had been abandoned on the side of the road, left to fend for himself, not far from a shelter.

He was covered in a wide band of blood from the shackles that had formerly restrained him, and the pain in his neck increased with each stride due to his long nails. He smelled strongly of decaying meat, and his body was covered with sores from rabies.

Isumu still had life in his eyes and the capacity to feel fear, humility, and optimism despite everything that had happened to him. He pleaded to God, asking that someone save him from his suffering.

One of the volunteers found him in the shelter. He brought Isumu to the shelter, where he was given a cozy bed to sleep in and medical attention. Isumu gets cleaned and dressed in clean clothes. For the first time in a long time, he felt loved and cared for after being given food and drink.

Day 10: Isumu started to feel better. His fur started to regrow and his wounds started to mend. His eyes began to sparkle with happiness and satisfaction, and he ceased to smell like rotten meat.

Day 80: At last, a kind family seeking to adopt a dog showed up at the shelter. They fell in love with Isumu the moment they laid eyes on him.

They knew he was the right dog for them because they could sense the strength and tenacity that lay beneath his rugged exterior. Isumu was brought home by his new family, where he was surrounded by love and affection.

He was free to stop suffering in silence and giving up on finding a rescuer. At last, he had a family who loved him without conditions and a place to live.

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