Amidst destitution, a youngster finds refuge in his puppy, clinging to it for affection and warmth, while strangers remain unconcerned about their situation.

Have you ever thought about what a genuine gesture of love means? Perhaps it is about giving something material; for others, it is about spending time with that special someone without expecting anything in return.

However, few people consider performing an act of love with the intention of benefiting someone other than their immediate family or close friends. Although homeless individuals and stray dogs can move us and leave us with sorrowful hearts, we rarely take action. Because it only takes one act of compassion to transform their lives forever.

On the street, a homeless youngster clings to his pet in order to keep warm and show love.

Unfortunately, there are still a large number of street children that spend their days traveling from one spot to another, working miracles to get enough food.
Recently, a photo of a homeless youngster sleeping clutching his puppy, who has become his loyal companion and only family, has gone viral.
Users on the networks demand the engagement of the Department of Protection for Minors immediately.

The somber photos depict two small beings, so distinct but both vulnerable. Unfortunately, his helpless situation does not appear to bother anyone, as numerous people pass by unconcerned, ignoring the fact that two people are crying out for aid on the ground.

Perhaps they did not want to observe or see beyond their noses. The boy has yet to be identified, and it is unclear whether he was orphaned or abandoned by his parents.

Until now, all we know is that he sleeps with his pet on the street near Manila’s principal train station. Despite everything that has happened, this tiny boy has not abandoned his pet, demonstrating their incredible attachment and the true meaning of love.

The images were taken by Jem Villomo, a young man who lives in the city, and posted them on his Facebook page in the hopes of raising awareness and getting them all the help they deserve. In this context, he says, “The youngster lives on the street with his dog.”

He does not ask for money, just food for both of them.” Unfortunately, stories like this have been repeated throughout history.

Let us remember Rommen Quemenales, another 11-year-old boy who lives on the streets and finds his greatest comfort in a puppy.

These stories cannot help but infuriate us and show a lack of sympathy in acting to provide these children and their pets the life they deserve.

Although the Department of Social Welfare and Development is responsible for children in the Philippines, no significant changes have occurred as of yet.

Rommen Quemenales is also from the Philippines, and he only has his puppy Badgi.

The greatest certainty is that this child has a puppy as his only family; they sleep in one other’s arms, hoping to wake up and discover someone who will transform their lives.

Despite their difficult circumstances, they only have each other to demonstrate genuine love that is reciprocated. Please do not hesitate to help the most vulnerable, and let us perform acts of kindness that alter the lives of those who require it the most.

May this note serve as a voice to protect the most innocent and call out to the authorities so that they can intervene quickly.

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