As he lies on the ground, he contemplates why he was separated from his mother and left to fend for himself.

According to Howlofpet, On 17 Feb 2023 they received contact about a very weak puppy. A volunteer named Natasha went to check and he was severely dehydrated, he was scarcely abled to move himself.

Appears like he was abandoned and got famished in street. hey raced to the vet & requisite medicines were given..

God’s grace he wasn’t detected with parvo or distemper, but he will be requiring saline for few days to get better.

After 24 hours, the unfortunate dog named Sunny is showing signs of improvement, thankfully his appetite is still good, he can eat on his own.

He started to gain weight and was able to walk again. They had to talk to him to calm him down as well.

“Sunny started to follow me around a lot like I’m his mother… It’s our fate to have Sunny in our lives.”

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