Basset Hounds keep a dedicated watch over a terminally ill baby, demonstrating the deep empathy and steadfast love that dogs provide, even in the most heart-wrenching moments.

Five-month-old Nora Hall suffered a devastating stroke, resulting in significant brain damage. It was later discovered that she was born with pulmonary hypertension, and her time was tragically short. To provide her with the best care, she was put into a medically induced coma for the following three weeks.

In the short span of Nora’s five months, she managed to capture the hearts of her family’s two Basset Hounds, Gracie and Grumpy. Mary Hall shared with ABC News, “Gracie, in particular, took on the role of a second mother. Whenever Nora would cry, Gracie would come running to check on her, always by her side, offering comfort with gentle kisses, ensuring her well-being.”

As the Hall family prepared to say a final goodbye to Nora at The Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, they were asked if they had any last wishes. Without hesitation, Nora’s parents made a heartfelt request. They asked if their beloved dogs could have a final chance to say goodbye to their precious daughter.

Mary Hall expressed their request, saying, “I asked, ‘If you could allow us to keep our dogs at the hospital, we’d truly appreciate it. I didn’t want to return home and have them searching for her, not knowing where she had gone.’ The medical team accommodated their plea, lowering Nora’s bed so that the dogs could be close to her. Gracie rushed up to gently kiss her.”

Mary added, “It was an incredibly touching gesture, one that brought us immense comfort during this difficult time.”

Even now, Gracie and Grumpy continue to provide solace and support to the grieving Hall family on a daily basis. Nora may have left this world, but her memory lives on, leaving a lasting impact on those who knew and loved her. Rest in peace, dear Nora. Take a moment to read the full story in the video below.

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