Every person on the train that a dog encounters is ready to become friends with him.

Most people are wary of getting close to strangers on the train. But that’s not the case when they meet Huxley the Golden Retriever. Huxley just has a way of saying ‘hi’ that has people giving him the attention he craves, no, demands!

In fact, his mom Ursula says that Huxley goes out of his way to get cuddles from strangers on the train.

Huxley and his brother Hugo commute regularly with their mom around Britain. Ursula has filmed her pups while on the train and watching Huxley persuade people to not ignore him is so adorable.

When Huxley is on a mission for attention he will not take no for an answer and will lean, plop, and paw his way to getting petted. Huxley’s friendly nature extends to hotel visits too. He’s always the first to jump onto the reception desk and say “hello.”

Watch Huxley greeting more fellow passengers in the cute clips below:

Keep on being your lovable self Huxley!

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