His face was wet with tears as he yearned for a substantial meal and wanted to get away from the fatigue that came from starving himself for days on end.

Perhaps the deadliest epidemic in history will be apathy. It is a fact that a lot of animals pass away when they are alone.

A group of Manejo de Fauna Callejera volunteers came upon this child in Tasajera’s streets as they were getting ready for a new day.

They believed he was dead because he was alone and immobile, but they were not apathetic and drew nearer. He was unable to stand due to his extreme weakness.

People pass by him while he is starving, but nobody offers to help. The amount of anguish he has endured since opening his eyes a few days ago is unfair.

“We will give you all the love you need to change your life.” The volunteer said.

He went by Gorgojito. He kissed a lot and seemed a little livelier. Kisses are full of affection and include a taste of gratitude and trust.

Gorgojito is now content with his new life with his family as love triumphs once more.

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