In a poignant moment, a devoted Golden Retriever steps in to rescue a grieving girl from her mother’s scolding, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and compassion.

This sweet video shows a golden retriever protecting his pal, a little girl, while she is being reprimanded by her mother.

The child grew up with Harry, the puppy’s company, and the two have built a strong attachment.

Ms Sun, the parent and camerawoman, became disturbed when she discovered her new face cream ripped apart and used as a toy.

” I was actually very unhappy. Ms Sun, 32, told MailOnline, “I would just bought the cream and half of it was already gone.” “My child began weeping because I was shouting at her really forcefully.”

So Harry stepped in between them in an attempt to protect the crying girl from her mother.

He also looked to snarl at Ms. Sun in an attempt to get her to back off. She claimed she found it “funny and disturbing at the same time.”

Ms. Sun reported that as soon as Harry came in, her anger “melted away.”

Harry even attempted to calm the crying toddler by placing his arm around her shoulder.

“I was still worried, but I thought it was rather hilarious.” Ms. Sun stated. It was incredibly heartwarming. If you treat your dogs well, they will undoubtedly find ways to demonstrate their affection.

Apparently, Harry has stepped in to protect his tiny pal before.

‘Whenever we spoke to her harshly, he would come by and try to defend her with his paws,’ the mother explained. “He would undoubtedly give his life to protect the child.”

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