In a touching display of motherly love and protection, a stray mother dog curls up in a box with her puppies to keep them warm.

Mother dogs are incredibly protective of their puppies. They will go to great lengths to protect their puppies, even if it means sacrificing their own comfort, as long as their puppies are safe.

This is exactly what a stray mother dog did for her puppies. She and her puppies were living in a box under a car. The temperature was cold in the video, and she was cuddling with her pups to keep them as warm as possible.

Fortunately, a man noticed them and set out to rescue them from their precarious living situation.

Approaching a dog for the first time is not easy, but he took his time to show that he meant no harm.

First, he provided food to the mother dog. 

 You can imagine how hard it is for her to leave her pups to go food shopping.

She started eating and took food directly from his hand, indicating that she was beginning to trust him. After a while, he tried to put a leash on her, but she refused to wear it and instead went out.

The man then gently moved the puppies from the box to a kennel. He did it carefully so their mother would know he wasn’t hurting the puppies.

The mother dog stood back and watched him until he successfully moved all of the puppies. When the man left, she returned to check on her babies and ensure their safety.

She laid down again under the car after she was sure that her puppies were safe. The man approached her with care.

Finally, after caressing her for a while, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to a waiting van.

He carefully moved the puppies to a larger kennel and reunited them with their mother. The puppies began to feed again, relieved to be reunited with their mother.

The most striking aspect of this video is the man’s concern for the dog. You can tell he genuinely wants to help the mother dog and her puppies.

The man is from Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter in Serbia. It is a non-profit, non-governmental rescue group that operates the area’s largest no-kill animal shelter.

He drove them to the shelter and ensured that they were warm, fed, and comfortable.

The man even kisses the dogs and puppies to make them feel loved and appreciated.

“This man is the best,” one netizen said. “He is always kind and compassionate to the dogs he rescues.”

“These extraordinary gestures of compassion give us all hope for mankind,” added another. “Excellent work!”

The mother dog and her puppies will remain in foster care at the shelter until they are ready to be adopted.

This happy mother dog will be able to live with a loving home rather than in a cardboard box, thanks to those who truly care about abandoned and neglected animals.

Mladenovac Dog Rescue Shelter does excellent work rescuing and caring for abandoned animals. Please donate on their website if you can.

Watch the video below to see how this man rescued this mother dog and her puppies.

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