In the freezing rain, an abandoned puppy on the roadway begs for help.

Introducing teeny Nikki! Days passed while she was left alone by the road. It was pouring, and she is freezing.

Nikki recoiled to prevent herself from falling; clearly, she was hurt. Nikki is so frail. Her physique is insufficient to withstand these misfortunes. When a kind person came across her, they decided to choose her. When he finally got Nikki in the car, she remained motionless, save for a few feeble gasps of groaning.

Nikki is receiving very cautious attention. She was unable to stand and was still very weak. She felt a little better the following day. She can stand up and take a small sip of milk.

The child is so amiable and loving that it is her first time sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Nikki is happy that she has the shelter. Despite her weight increase, she still looks stunning. She is amiable and is willing to wait to be adopted by a fantastic family.

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