In Turkey, a puppy that fought back against his evil neighbor’s attempt to poison him is now a hero, saving lives.

Despite being a rescue dog from the Querétaro Red Cross, Balam’s story is remarkable because he survived a poisoning while traveling to Turkey to help with search and rescue efforts.

After being poisoned by a neighbor who threw sausages infected with alkaloids at him on the street he walked every day with his parents Athos and Tango—both of whom were carrying out the great mission of saving puppies—this magnificent ball of fur was left to choose between life and death.

The poison-survivor puppy is now an excellent rescuer.

Due to the mistreatment of these puppies, the first-ever criminal prosecution in Mexico was triggered, and the offender received a 10-year prison sentence as a result. Unfortunately, the parents of the Balam were not old enough to withstand the severe assault. Benjamin N., 60, committed the heinous act of poisoning the furry rescuers on June 13, 2021.

The case created a lot of controversy in the Latin American region because of Athos, Balam’s father, who had a great track record of assisting in the recovery of seven people who were buried under the rubble in the Mexico City earthquake on September 19, 2017. Eventually, the trial against the man who killed Balam concluded. Numerous local media outlets reported that the man had repeatedly threatened to harm the puppies’ guardians if they persisted in walking along the streets they shared. Sadly, he was successful in his mission, and Tango and Balam’s father died.

However, justice prevailed, and the man is currently incarcerated. On the other hand, when Mother Nature destroys everything, Balam continues his father’s tradition by saving lives and serving as a messenger of love and light. Balam has been supported in his healing process by a wonderful group of people since this catastrophe. Edgar Martnez was one of them, and he finally became the mix of Australian shepherd and border collie’s principal caregiver.

They have been trained to rescue missing people for a long time; this is one of the main talents of this adorable ball of fur that is winning millions of hearts with its amazing work. Now assisting in the rescue operations of those injured by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that slammed Turkey and Syria is Balam, the only dog to survive the poisoning.

According to Marcelo Ebrard, secretary of foreign relations, a group of specialists from the Sedena, the Navy, the Red Cross, as well as a group of Topos that landed in the city of Adana, 240 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, were sent from Mexico to support the Eurasian nation during this trying time.

There are sixteen pairs of dogs that are appropriately trained for this kind of scenario. Ebrard states that since human rescue is urgent, it is the current strategic priority.

Balam managed to survive and is now on a mission to save others. Unlike humans, he acts impartially and disregards previous injuries.

He will be the first to lend his support and will venture into locations that the Hu man is unable to reach in order to find you and inform others that he has found you.

The next time you think of puppies as just pets, think again and recognize the immense intelligence and nobility that they possess.

How much more can we learn from these remarkable people! Balam is a living miracle and a hero without a cape.

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