“Neighbors Show Concern for the Sad and Neglected Animal, Demanding Release of Dog Left Tied Up in the Rain for More Than a Month.”

Social media platforms are used for more than just sharing our joy, pride, or inspirational moments. They may also be used to publicize circumstances that should concern everyone and, if necessary, report them.

This is what a neighbor in the State of Mexico did when she decided to record and post online the terrible conditions in which her neighbors kept a dog: chained, starved, and out in the rain.

“Así la tienen siempre, pero no le dan de comer solo le ponen un bote con agua”, denuncian en redes sociales maltrato a este perro en San Miguel Chalma, Tlalnepantla. La @FiscaliaEdomex ya investiga los hechos.
¡Ojalá y castiguen pronto a estos HDP!#Video  pic.twitter.com/YAOwf9mOXK

— JORGE BECERRIL JB/8 (@MrElDiablo8) July 1, 2022

Throughout the series, the woman described the conditions under which this dog lived in what would have been the home’s backyard and that she had never visited. The lady highlights that it also happens when she is hot, even if she is currently in the rain.

Over a month is spent imprisoned there, and they never let her go from there. They just provide her a bottle of water and no food or drink. The woman who recorded the dog on camera to reveal her owners claimed, “They do not let her out, they do not feed her, and she spends her time there in the heat and rain.”

Many asked authorities to take note of this scenario when the video was posted on social media, as keeping a pet in such conditions is considered animal cruelty.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the Government of the State of Mexico (PROPAEM) asserted that they had previously handled the dog’s case in this manner following the indignation expressed by online users.

They refused to provide further details on the dog’s condition, though, stating that they were unable to do so due to an administrative procedure that would have an impact on the pertinent process.

Lastly, they promised that, for the time being, only appropriate lines of communication will be used to reveal information regarding this complaint.

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