Ostracized due to her unsightly skin condition, she found shelter under the harsh chill of a frozen car tire. Her sanctuary was a car tire, providing her with a place to rest and shield herself from the freezing cold.

They say she found her solace in a car tire, where she sleeps and hides from the chill.

The local community had varied responses; some offered her sustenance for survival, while others drove her away from their homes, labeling her as diseased and sickly.

Her wounds were open and bleeding, and her chances of surviving the upcoming cold days on the street were bleak in her current state.

She is a gentle and quiet girl, all she sought was tranquility and enough food to sustain herself, as if her body was pleading, “I’m so cold.” She’s in search of her place in the world… a place where she won’t be cold or hungry again.

This poor creature had been enduring hardship for a long time and from a large number of people in this area, and no one seemed to feel pity for her. Is this normal to everyone?

Eventually, a kind soul found her; she will never go hungry again, and he took her in.

“She will never be unloved again, for her and all of my rescued dogs that I’ve adopted from the street until they can find a home.” Said her rescuer, Fahrudin Caki Bravo.

He named her Neve, and she slept peacefully after a hearty meal and a warm bath.

The following day, he took her to the vet, where she was given antibiotics and a coconut oil treatment to help prevent her skin from peeling; she was also diagnosed with anemia.

After more than 80 days, she grew up to be a wonderful gentle dog who loves all other good creatures. Neve adores cats, as well as all other dogs, and she enjoys playing with them.

Neve is a dog who knows how to give and receive love.

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