Ryan, a 7-year-old breaking stereotypes and winning online admiration, tells his inspiring story in Featherweight Hero.

Amazing photos depict change of orphan, seven, who weighed only 8lb when he was saved by a new family.

When Priscilla Morse spotted a skeletal seven-year-old child barely living at an orphanage in Bulgaria on Facebook, she realized she needed to act fast.

She flew from Tennessee, USA to adopt the boy, but was so shocked when she saw him, she thought he would die before she could sign the paperwork.

When she and her husband David arrived in the US, their son Ryan was taken to a children’s hospital right away.

But the boy was in great danger, and doctors expected him to die.

Priscilla told Inside Edition: “The first meeting was quite unsettling.

He was discovered in the orphanage, weighing eight pounds.

Ryan is an entirely different boy since being adopted.

“He was bones and skin; he resembled a skeleton.”

“My initial thought was, ‘He is going to die.'”

When Ryan returned to the United States, the family sped from the airport to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, where doctors and experts awaited him.

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Priscilla, 33, who was adopted as a youngster, remarked, “I would never seen physicians look at a child and cry.

“They called social services. They said, “I am sorry, he will probably die.”

Ryan Morse and mum Priscilla (Image:


Ryan spent the following few weeks in the hospital, learning how to eat without throwing up.

He was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy, microcephaly, dwarfism, scoliosis, badly clubbed feet, and is unable to talk.

Ryan has grown 15 pounds in the previous 13 months, enrolled in school, and is beginning to articulate words. He also joined his family for Thanksgiving and managed to eat some pumpkin pie.

Ryan Morse getting stronger (Image:


He lives with Priscilla and David’s biological kids, Dylan (13), and Jack (7) and their adoptive daughter McKenzie, who also has special needs.

Priscilla claimed she was moved to give Ryan a family after seeing how her parents cared for her brother, who had special needs and died at the age of nine.

She continued, “I was quite little when he died.

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“I remember how much my parents adored him despite his special requirements.

“I wanted to give that to a youngster that was abandoned due to his particular requirements.

“Everyone deserves a family.”

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