She tried to crawl into my car, but she was not just pleading for assistance; she wanted to show me something more.

I came into a mother dog strolling down the street today on a deserted route. She was monitoring all of the cars from the side of the road.

The mother dog is anxious. She requested help. Not one person stopped. I was shocked too when I first met her. She pleaded with me to examine my car. Her kids were discovered in the filth. These are not even few days old. Rain is forecast, which is quite dangerous. They may not survive if we do not intervene quickly to save them from becoming wet and cold.

We needed almost an hour to get her family back to the shelter.

Three adorable puppies are soundly napping. She is unhurt, as are her three puppies. Two new puppies that she recently received have recently passed away.

I address her as Maria. Maria is a really endearing and friendly dog. She gives her two adopted children and her three biological children outstanding care.

After 25 days, the puppies begin developing. At two months of age, they are prepared for first vaccination. Left to right: Leonardo, Donatello, and Rafael.

They are rather pleasant. Above all, they enjoy eating, playing, and tanning!

Thanks rescuer: Danu Colombo MDP

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