Survivor’s Tale: A Pitbull Puppy Who Was Left to Die Alone in a Deserted Parking Lot Overcomes All Odds and Accepts Life Despite Misfortune

It is highly unlikely that the person who threw a cardboard box containing a malnourished Pitbull puppy in the middle of an empty parking lot realized they were being videotaped. Shannon, however, saw exactly what had transpired. They had not only cruelly abandoned a little puppy, but the Pittie was also malnourished and in pain.

Happily, though, the adorable Pitbull puppy had the good fortune to catch the eye of a three-dog dog mom who loves animals. A pickup truck can be seen pulling up and parking in the video. Abruptly, a man leaps out and grabs something from the truck’s bed. He then discards the cardboard box in the empty parking lot.

Shannon had to go see what was inside, of course. She was horrified to see a tiny Pitbull dog in terrible shape as she peered into the package. He was clearly in need of immediate medical attention because he was so sick. The poor puppy was losing a ton of fur and was so malnourished that you could see every rib in him.

He was in such terrible shape. However, Shannon claimed, “He was still having difficulty and was holding on.”

She hurriedly drove him to the veterinarian, picked him up, and brought him home, where she began to heal him. He was really afraid during his first two days at home, but he was also eating, which was vitally important. He was willing to eat, which was such a good sign.

He only did his business, ate, and slept for the first few days. It was clear from his conduct that he was trying desperately to help his tiny body heal. But it was pretty obvious that he was such a sweet little man once he started feeling better.

A week later, he gave in to being cuddled by Shannon and her boys. At approximately three, his true nature began to emerge. They could see that he was joyful and that he was feeling protected at last.

More time went by, and his magnificent, velvety fur grew back in full. And he began to play with her other dogs as well. The dog was extremely fortunate to not only survive but also to find a loving, forever home.

Watch the video below to learn more about his inspirational journey and to see how gorgeous he has become.

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