The amazing achievement of saving a dog who was stuck underground for 56 hours demonstrated commitment and compassion in helping a life in need.

Before being saved, the dog was stuck for more than two days after falling down a rabbit hole. Before being rescued, Flossie had fallen down a rabbit hole and been stuck for more than two days.

A terrier that was trapped underground for 56 hours managed to endure the horrifying experience before being pulled from the earth in a breathtaking rescue video.

On April 25, Flossie the terrier vanished from her owner Poppy Vernon’s account on TikTok. It shows someone digging a deep hole while the dog being called out for. They thought the 9-year-old puppy had become trapped in a rabbit hole outside her house in Devon, England.

The problem is that their land is surrounded by hundreds of rabbit tunnels. They used subterranean cameras and called down the holes for hours on end. Even with hours of searching, even a squad of tracking dogs was unable to locate Flossie during the course of the nightlong search.

Remarkably, Poppy says that a neighbor heard “tiny bark” coming from behind a plant some five hours later. This time, the search dogs came back and discovered Flossie.

In the video, a man wearing a green shirt named Tom Leary leans down into the hole and spreads both arms out. We finally catch a sight of Flossie’s little head deep within the hole as Leary continues to chip away at its wall. He eventually succeeds in rescuing her from her underground incarceration after that.

Despite spending so much time in the mud and dirt and being gone for four days, she had lost weight but otherwise appeared unharmed. More than 3.6 million people have seen the film that chronicles her rescue.

Vernon told the BBC, “We are just happy to have her by our sides again and, sure, give her cuddles.” In a different TikTok, Vernon expresses her belief that Flossie discovered a hole, fell down it, and then carved her own trail underground, blocking her escape.

She said, “She just completely, you know, buried herself alive.” Vernon stated that in light of this, it is “incredible” that they were able to locate her, and they will now be more vigilant about watching her whenever she ventures outside.

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