The Amazon delivery man shows compassion beyond his call of duty by delaying his delivery in order to save and care for a muddy puppy, inspiring acts of kindness in unexpected places.

Those who love animals must make sure that their pets are clean, healthy, and most of all, content. When an Amazon delivery man could not resist giving a puppy some attention while making a delivery, that is just what he attempted to do.

A man in Mexico who delivers groceries for Amazon observed something that took his attention while he was on a routine delivery route: a dirty-looking dog with a leaf-filled bed was lying outside in the front yard of the house.

Without thinking, the man chose to put off the delivery to the client for a short while and started making sure the dog’s bed was spotless by shaking it. After that, he worked on the animal’s blanket and cleaned his plaything. The dog showered him with a big kiss as a “thank you” for looking after him so well.

A TikTok video that was later made public and featured the Amazon customer’s home security cameras praised the delivery man for treating his dog with such grace.

The house’s owner turned out to be none other than Chef Meza, a well-known figure on YouTube, and the puppy that the delivery man had petted was Keko, his cherished friend.

It was not that Scar had abandoned his pet, exactly, but on that particular day Keko made the most of the lovely weather by playing outside all day long, rolling in the leaves and running back and forth, so ruining the patio.

The dealer’s kind gesture was met with hundreds of sighs from online users, as was to be anticipated. Among the hundreds of compliments posted by users were, “So, I believe in mankind again,” “I adore him very much, Mr. Amazon who shelters pups,” and “That man is worth it.”

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