The chained mother dog begs the woman not to take away her final puppy, wanting to keep their precious bond intact. She has desperation in her eyes.

Sergey called Love Furry Friends Rescue due to information about a small dog named Busya who was crated and watching over a house.

Trash encircled the run-down home. After the proprietor declined to return Busya, Sergey pondered whether the rescuers would show there the next day. That is what the rescuers said.

The owner of the dog informed the rescuers that the four puppies were recently born into a chained mother dog. However, they drowned all the women and kept the male. disgusting! When one of the rescuers bent down to greet her, Busya felt a sense of relief.

She was terrified the woman would hurt her puppy, so she sobbed as her pet was placed on her lap. He was her last child, therefore she sacrificed her life to keep him safe.

Busya eventually gave up, and the rescuer took the two dogs into his car. It was now time to take the dog to the vet for a comprehensive examination. Buddy, Busya’s child, was also a great person.

To hear the entire story and learn more about adopting the puppies that are still looking for their permanent home, watch the movie below!

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