The dog showed heartbreaking loyalty and grief as he whimpered and cried uncontrollably, determined not to abandon his friend who had died horribly in the rainstorm.

This is the heartbreaking moment a stray puppy, unwilling to leave its companion’s dead body, wept.

The puppy is seen standing over its dead friend in the Daying County, Suining City, Sichuan Province, China, in the video, which has received over five million views on the internet.

Mr. Xiong, a passing pedestrian, rushed to assist the dog and was surprised by its reluctance to part from its dead mate.

The small puppy seems to be staring into the camera as it screams in a high-pitched, dejected manner, pleading for help. Mr. Xiong said, “One was already dead, and the other was weak and dying. Its screams had a melancholy tone.

The footage, which was captured on October 25, depicts the injured dog standing over the dead dog as it lies prone.

All Mr. Xiong could do was pick up the living dog and leave the dead one behind.

He claimed to have given it back wrapped in some clothing.

The last stray was brought to work by Mr. Xiong, and his colleagues fed the frail dog. The dog was too big for him and his staff to keep, so they packed it up in a cardboard box and took it to a local animal shelter.

Mr. Xiong continued, “I am hoping that some kind soul would adopt it.”

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