The dog’s genuine and frantic pleadings, which echo as it chases the rescue caravan, are deeply emotional, certainly eliciting tears from anyone viewing such a heartfelt and heartbreaking event.

Several images of a dog trailing a platoon of soldiers on patrol and pleading with them to “join” have lately gone viral on social media. The photograph immediately became famous online in a number of countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. The narrative of this delightful encounter has aroused the imagination of internet users.

In recent days, there has been a social media frenzy over a series of photos showing a dog asking troops on patrol to “join” by following them. The image immediately spread throughout several countries, including Korea, Japan, Thailand, and even Vietnam. Internet surfers want to know the story behind this joyful occurrence.

Some online users spread the story, assuming it was about a dog tripping down the street when he noticed troops passing by and chose to carry out the mission.

To be honest, according to the Los Tiempos page, this is a sequence of photos that photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero luckily captured on the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the disease quarantine period. The army was driven in the van while on patrol, ensuring that everyone followed the rules.

According to the page Los Tiempos, this is a series of photos taken gleefully by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero in the streets of Tupiza, Bolivia during the viral quarantine days. The army was driven in the van while on patrol, ensuring that everyone followed the rules.

And the sweet dog, Gorda, is a pet in the barracks rather than roaming the streets.Dogs are adopted by each unit and live and train alongside the regiment’s troops. Colonel Luis Pachecho, Director of the Department of Army Logistics IV, says Gorda is a division mascot. Gorda pursued him after seeing soldiers patrolling the neighborhood in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. When the soldiers in the car spotted his strong desire to follow, they picked up his “brother” and followed him. The astonishing moment was accidentally captured on the photographer’s camera.

As soon as Gorda entered the truck, another gray dog ran over and jumped in. The canine that represents another division is known as Multicam. The two canines’ images were modified throughout the chat. Internet users must agree that both dogs are adorable and have made people joyful despite the busy epidemic season.

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