The only word this dog knew during his five years of being chained outdoors was “no.”

Marley was chained in a backyard for over five years, neglected by his owners. His meals often consisted of Cheerios in a dirty pan, or sometimes nothing at all, and his water bucket was usually filled with algae and garbage.

If he showed too much enthusiasm, his owner would hit him on the head, and the only word he was familiar with was “no.” He had been so abused that he couldn’t even remember his own name.

However, as depicted in this new film, everything changed when his owner finally gave in and handed him over to PETA after five years of persistent efforts by PETA fieldworkers. Marley’s body was infested with parasites, and he was in dire need of food and care.

While receiving medical treatment at our shelter, he soaked up all the attention he could get. Michael Moss, a PETA employee, was drawn to the lively little guy with an indomitable spirit. Marley quickly found his forever family.

Marley now has a comfortable sofa to sleep on, a playmate named Kyah, and all the treats and cuddles he can handle. “I truly admired his little attitude… and [his] unbreakable spirit,” says Moss. “He has toys, bones, treats, and Kyah—plus a spacious backyard to play in.” That’s all I really want. “All I want is for him to be happy.”

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