The sight of a desolate, trembling puppy pleading with passersby to rescue his siblings in the harsh winter was heart-wrenching.

 Despite people passing by the dog every day without a care, he remained hopeful. Each time he saw someone, he would rise, wag his tail, and wait for help, laying faithfully on the icy snow.

A group of volunteers from the “Aid Animal kmv” Animal Shelter intervened. They found four puppies in a cardboard box. The puppies were taken to the clinic and warmed up. Their bodies were infested with blood-sucking mites, and they were unable to handle the water and stress, so they were not bathed. Fortunately, the doctor was still there at night. Each puppy was given first aid and tests one by one. The puppies tested positive for parvo, a serious disease.

Temporary preservatives were used to relieve itching and scratching. Eye drops were administered to everyone along with the doctor’s injection. The doctor expressed his relief at arriving at the right time, as any further delay could have put the puppies in danger.

The question of who abandoned them and where their mother was remained unanswered. Three days later, they were feeling much better and could walk around the vet and observe everything.

They grew up quickly into beautiful dogs, but they had to deal with their skin condition. The doctor revealed that they had a fungal infection under their fur and needed treatment. They had to be medicated regularly and bathed with a special shower gel.

They were named Lira, Nils, Martin, and Gray. Over time, their condition improved, their fur grew back, and after a long period under the care of doctors, they all became healthy and attractive.

Two of them found their forever homes, while the other two dogs stayed at the shelter, where they were cared for and loved by the entire team. A bright future awaits them.

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